Healing black people...

       All people are beautiful but especially black people.  The color black is the absense of light or the color black itself.  Things that are black are dogs, cats,  bears,  birds,  cows,  Apachy tear (stone), obsidean (stone), lava  rocks, priests plus their clothing,  angels, earth, oil (black gold), black clay (from Mexico), black flowers, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, black beans,  paint,  cars,  shoes, words in books, (many manmade materials),  outer space, night time,  black sun or black hole,  peoples eyes,  (it’s a mystery color), peoples hair, elderberries, blackberries, black carrots, black plums,  etc.  Things that are the color brown are, trees,  bears, earth,  clay, some waters, some flowers, brown sugar, chocolate,  brown beans, dogs,  birds,  wood, peoples eyes, peoples hair, paint, cars, shoes, (many manmade materials), pot,  cats,  mushrooms,  almonds,  walnuts, angels, squirrels,  rabbits,  acorns, pine cones,  eagles,  frogs,  horses, cinnimon sticks,  roosters, many seeds, coffee, rootbeer candies, brown diamonds,  butterflies, tigers eye (stone), brown jasper (stone), smoky quartz (stone).  It's because of my intuition that I feel many, not all, black people may need this.  They say demons hide in the dark, they do.  Demons also hide in white.  Ever heard of devils that are wolves hiding in sheep clothing..?  All around black isn’t a bad color.  Many people associate black with wickedness but thats not the truth.  
      Famous black people - (this is but a short list).  Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Chuck Berry who inspired hundreds of artests including the Beatles and Elvis Presley.  Slash from Guns n Roses.  Gary Clark Jr.  who sometimes shares the stage with Eric Clapton.  Run DMC who does a rock duet alongside Aerosmith in the iconic "Walk This Way".  Tina Turner, Lajon Witherspoon who is lead singer of Sevendust.  The S.O.S. Band and Earth Wind Fire is all black bands. Willian DuVall who is Alice and Chains co-vocalist and guitarist in 2006.  Tommy Vext of Five Finger Death Punch.  Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five, along with Janet Jackson.  Lionel Richie, Oteil Burbridge who now plays for Dead and Company and played with The Allman Brothers and many others.  Rashawn Ross, Leroi Moore and Boyd Tinsby from Dave Matthews Band.  Amy Keys, Bridgette Bryant, Lamont Van Hook and Arnold McCullan from Phil Collins Band.  Durga McBroom from Pink Floyd.  Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey,  Muhammad Ali, Jessy Jackson,   Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin,  Michael Jordan,  Tiger Woods,  Bill Cosby,  Mike Tyson who has been vegan now for about ten years.  Quincy Jones,  Stevie Wonder,  Morgan Freeman who played the part of God in the movie "Bruce Almighty" with Jim Carrey.  Gary Coleman who played Arnold Jackson in "Different Strokes".  Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley and bro's.  Most Rasta musicians from Jamaica are black.  There's a lot of baseball, football, basketball, hockey etc. players that are black.  There's a lot of black Hindu Indians who brought us Yoga.  All of the beautiful country of Africa with its awesome animals, ancient nature, with Egypt, Congo, Ethiopia etc. are black.  Like I said - this is but a short list.  Peace.

Music and the wheels...

      Music is great for your soul.  I’m not talking about negitive music like heavy metal, gangster rap or anything negative or depressing.  Try orchestra, classical rock, some alternative rock, some country, R&B, gospel,  New Age, reggae,  blues,  bluegrass, opera, Indian etc.  Positive music.  Scientists have tested music by putting one plant  in a room with heavy metal music and another plant in a room with orchestra music.  The plant in the room with orchestra music lived longer.  Music is also good for your chakras, or wheels.  Chakras are energy centers of our spirit.  There’s seven main chakras and each one is a rainbow color.  Each chakra holds a musical note or tone, so when you listen to good music it helps purify your chakras.  Don’t worry about the different Gods of the chakras.  If your Christian just knowing Jesus is present will make the Gods go away.  Anyways music is great for the chakras or spirit, you can also invest time into learning an instrument.  The greatest feeling ever is jamming out to an instrument.  I play tribal drums, guitar,  saxophone,  piano, organ,  Indian flute, pan pipes, cymbals,- it’s great and healthy!

For Pagans…

    Allah left the Holy Circle of Creator Gods, he wanted to do things his way.

  The Sun God spins the Sun counterclockwise on his chariot while the Earth spins counterclockwise - keeping view from the Earth.  He spins the Sun around, (around=nearby) the Earth.  He winds the Sun and it spins like a wind up music box. The Sun only goes so fast.  Sometimes the Sun pulls or slows down the creatures and cheriot. Then the God rests while its charged…

      The Earth is a disk when viewed from the heavens by the heavenly ones.

      The Gods aren’t that bad. They may appear like demons from man because man is so sinful…. Actually the Gods are demons and Gods depending on ones karma. The Gods are stationed in love. They are there to serve you.  As any Magician would know.   Whatever you want they’ll do for you if you love them. They just wanna see you stay out of trouble.  They don’t like punishing people because we’re their children. Anyways the Gods are Gods of the Earth and Planets. They are the by - products of the Planets and Co-Creators with the Godhead. So yah- being one with the Earth and Planets - they are love!

A few things to raise your faith in these troubling times.

Nature is about variety!  There's a variety of flowers, herbs, trees, stones, metals, dogs, cats, birds, animals, fish, people, Gods etc!

Pagans are about human potential and have tools for getting there.

Pagans believe in the Spirit of the Earth and isn't an all evil Satan!  Earthearthearthearthearth.

Pagans believe in a Mother Goddess as well as a Father God.  The Gods are the Holy  Parents and Family to Mankind.

We believe all things have Spirits!  The same spirit type that's of molecules.

Pagans are not only into the Mother Goddess and Father God but are also extraterrestrial friendly.  Not Satan.  

Pagans choose to be one with the Universe, the Earth, Moon, Planets and Stars! It's most loving yet there is wrath.  But mostly loving! The Universe is of the Good Gods!  Not of an all evil Satan!  The Universal picture is more beautiful then that! So be it for now!

    If you go billions of light years past the farthest Galaxy you'll see a God born.  This is in every direction.  The Main Creator Gods take them in and teach them the ropes.  Then their added to the rest of the God family.