Why love is the strongest energy.  Care for you! 

      Love is knowledge and is the light.  Where there is no light there’s darkness, (and I’m not talking about the color black but the absence of light).  Darkness is ignorance - the lack of knowledge of light. With love you don’t have to worry about any sins of evil. With love you don’t have to look over your shoulder Constantly.  Being in bad association you have to worry about theft, unnecessary violence, sexual assult, lies, really bad pranks, bad drugs or negitive intoxication,  ugly critisism about your body or anything else, murder, being pressured into doing things you don’t want, bad uncomfortable vibes,  arguments, dissatisfaction, unhappiness cause of fueling pain, etc.  All very uncomforting.  All very seperating.  Ignorance forms negitivity,  which isn’t fun and surely not comforting.  So why be negitive?  Its not cool and it just doesn’t feel good or right.  Your heart is one of the main organs of the body - listen to it and think with your heart.  Love is the Godhead, it’s strongest cause it feels, is unity instead of separation, it holds real knowledge of creation.  It is of the earthearthearthearthearthearth,   Which is ancient.  Negitivity holds bad dreams and nightmares - that which is unpleasing.  Why is love stronger then evil/hate?  Because there's power in numbers which is unity and evil destroys itself eventually.  The stronger martial artist are the ones who don't get angry - their more concentrated in power.  Negativity is heavy and clogs your spirit, body.  Where love is light, bright and potent as the Sun or stars.  It's the strongest energy! It's light! It's true knowledge!

Sing: Selfishness and greed aren’t the qualities of angels light.  Theres a gift for those who are wise.  Theres a gift for those who do good.  

To some Native American Indians...

      I'm gonna first start out by saying I've been influenced by the Rainbow Tribe.   Native American Indians are of the elders of the world. What happen to the brotherly and sisterly love of the tribes? Its probably because many of the Indians stopped listening to the elders, as to why Great Spirit let the white man rule. If the Gods didn’t want white man to rule then they wouldn’t have allowed it and wouldn’t have prophesied it. Have faith. Some Indians don’t like white man. There’s no future in the past. A negative action just causes a negative reaction. A continual battle. Thus with negative reactions the goal of healing the nations can’t be made manifest. Great Spirit is God of white man too. If you can’t love white man or black man at that, (there's a few that don't), how are you supposed to go to a higher planet with extraterrestrials and green grass. 
      We can use more Indians with basic knowledge of the tribes
of the World for we can sure use some kings of Native American origin.  You guys listen to the tribes on this side the ocean.  Do you listen to tribes on the other side of the great waters? There are Indians going Christian - try yoga meditation from the Hindu Indians.  Learn from all tribes of the world - not just "American" tribes. Beware of pride - and also of the lower animal instincts of the lower chakras not balanced with the upper chakras. It can lead you to lower planets.  But what ever you do don't try to stop brotherly and sisterly love!  You guys are doing great!  Much love and light to you!                                            

The Government...

      For those who hate our government, here’s a few passages for you... Titus 3:1-2, “Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.” 1 Peter 2:17, “Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.” 1 Peter 2:13-14, “Be subject for the Lord's sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good.” Romans 13:1, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.” Daniel 2:21, “He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;"   If the government fell, it would be a bloody mess. Billions would die of starvation. Most would be on edge cause of no TV or radio, toilet papar, soap, electricity,  candles at night time, food will be scarce, etc. Masses will rape, masses will fight. There will be blood stains and dead bodies all over the streets. Most people will carry around weapons. Books you want will be hard to get. Everything would stink cause sewers backed up. Many cannibals would be seen.  There would be no doctors or hospitals so people would only live to about 30. First God is to plague the nations.  There's the seven seals and its plagues,  then the angels with trumpets sound, with their plagues, etc.  First man gets plagued.  Then after man suffers physical pain, and then some, for five months plus time then the angel casts the stone to destroy the government. While mankind is being greatly plagued God might tell men to prepare to destroy the government after a sign is seen. Then and only then do we destroy the government.  If we destroy the government without Gods divine intervention it would be a wicked planet of high crime and death at young age.  With Gods intervention things will probably get spiritualized.  Then and only then with Gods help we won't need doctors or hospitals. Books, necessities  and treasures we can pull through the veil into this dimension. God would lay his temple in this world. It will be the spiritual world.  We really don’t want the government to fall. We don't want revelation to happen.  God will reign on the righteous as well as the wicked.  It won't be fun. Only some will make it.  I know you want dear Jesus to come back, but he's already here in spirit. Do what he says and talk with him.  He can clone himself.  Everyone has their own Jesus along with their guardian angel.   Otherwise we should respect the governments, like from what is said in the above passages.  
     We need doctors and hospitals, otherwise without the government we will only live to about 30 again.  We need law for without law it would be disorder instead of order.  Otherwise we de-evolve into barbaric age again.  We need schools, lots of paper and lots of school books.  If the government fell paper and school books would be scarce.   We also need spiritual books. How are we to crack the divine mysteries in life and find out who the top creators are?  If the government fell it would be really hard to get ahold of some good spiritual books.  
      We don't need to dwell on the bad in our government cause if the government fell there will still be bad on the lawless land.  It's because humans are imperfect, and swimming in original sin.  It's ok to talk about the bad in our government and aim to solve the problems we have.  But don't hate the government.  The Bible says we are to honor the government, etc. Read above. 
      There's about 328,200,000 people in the USA.  There's only 1,098 police brutality killings in the USA.  That's not that bad at all!  Police brutality is barely a issue!  With 328,200,000 people in the USA and 2,745,100 overall crimes.  2,745,100 crimes would represent 2,745,100 people to 328,200,000 would be only about .83% of crime.  That's not even 1%.  It's a lot of people but compared to how many there are in the USA that's hardly any.  Not everyone is a wicked and hateful bird.  We're far from revelations happening,  (at least we should be).  When Jesus says he's coming back soon - that could be 5-10,000 years from now.  It's already been 2,000 years.  To the celestial heavenly ones a long time for humans is a flash of light to them.  There bigger.  Something to think about. Also if you look at the word Christos you get carry stores/stars or care he stores/stars and if you look at the word Christ you get carry store/star or co wise store.  (There's a "r" sound at the end of "t" is Christ). That means if the government fell many stores would get demolished but we would still have wise stores.  That means we still may have electricity.  Christos - carry stores... Peace!

When you die you don’t just die...

    Simplified...  With the evolution theory broken - how else did we come into existence? The Godhead! Is it so hard to believe that a creator God made us? Think about man and his complex technology, made within about 80 years. Let alone God who is billions of years old. Also who’s to say God didn’t have a creation before this creation? Do you think God couldn’t have made creation with its complexities? Ever watch Ancient Aliens? The Gods exist! So do we just die when we die? No! Do we have a Spirit? Yes! Do spirits exist? Yes! In order to delve deeper into Spirit existence you have to look at different psychic abilities and practices, the occult, meditation, etc. You can see a hypnotist and be hypnotized to see your past life. Divination proves spirit exists. Ouija boards, haunted houses. They have cameras and technology where you can take photos of spirits with devices that measure the energy frequency of them. They can prove we can telepathically communicate with another hundreds of miles away. It’s metaphysical science. If we were just matter and not Spirit then why when a person dies their body gets cold? It’s because Spirit/soul leaves the body. What do you think keeps the heart and brain working? The Spirit! You may have to do some research on the paranormal or metaphysical science to validate this topic. Also if you silence your mind and go into a half sleep state you will in some time see through your third eye and hear from your higher self. Surely that which has nothing to do with matter.  Hope this helps!

A little advancement...

      Many already know this but,  try to catch the groove of all music, all religions, all personality types.  Try to help those in need.  Sometimes you have to lower yourself to relate with the other person you want to help, teach, convert or just to make friends.  If their too dark then I wouldn't advise hanging out with them.  If you are really dark,  (assuming you know),  then maybe my website will help you gain higher consciousness.  If you don't cuss,  then don't cuss on your own time but cuss around people who cuss so you can relate with them to help them.  If you don't want them to cuss, then don't cuss around them.  But if they tease you then cuss.  
Don't let yourself get lazy.  A lazy body is a dead body.  When lazy you eventually stop helping people including yourself.  It also weakens the spirit  in some ways - killing willpower, weakens physical strength and dexterity,  weakens loving actions for others and even can play a toll on your sex life.  (Though sex should only be for begetting children.  When your sexual you stimulate your lower chakras or energy centers of spirit, and don't really vibrate at the five or six higher vibrational centers of godly consciousness. Google chakras on the web for more information).

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