Hi - my name is Damen Leroy. I was baptized Catholic. I wasn't very spiritual until I got into Wicca in 1997. From there I got into Yoga and my Christianity started to develop.  I'm a spiritualist who got some good healing at a few Rainbow gatherings, (hippies).  We're I learned love truly is the most powerful force in the universe. It's a dead sight now but I had my website at mystery-wisdoms.com but I had to close it down, the web builder I was at transferred to another company that I didn't like. I'm 44 years old, lived all over, am into music.  I play guitar, tribal drums, Pan pipes, piano, symbols, saxophone, I sing a little.  I love flowers, nature, cities, animals. I'm vegetarian, am an environmentalist, am an indigo child, and a Capricorn.

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Much love and light to you!